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10:28 | Tuesday | 10:28am | weekly | at Connors Hill
10:28 is a gathering for seniors (55+) that meets every Tuesday morning at Connors Hill, and we'd love to have you join us! We typically begin by singing a couple of hymns. Then we take prayer requests and pray around the tables, followed by a 15-minute break for coffee and cookies. Then we study the Bible. It is a great place to get to know new people and to enjoy a study in the Bible. Come on out on Tuesdays or contact Pastor Larry with questions.

Women's Ministries | 7pm | monthly | alternates between Connors Hill and Southeast
We hope you'll join us for these gatherings for women of all ages, focused on prayer, worship, and building relationships. Email [email protected] with questions.

LIFT | Thursday | 9am | weekly | at Connors Hill
Ladies in Fellowship Together (aka LIFT) is comprised of women of all ages, and it has met for over 30 years with various leaders and formats. We care, pray for, and support each other. Our weekly meetings include coffee/tea, visiting one-on-one, watching a Bible study DVD, group discussions regarding the previous week's Bible study homework, sharing, and praying together or in smaller groups.

Monday | 6:45pm | weekly | near the U of A
Our GROUP is currently composed of ages 18-30. We use an inductive Bible study approach emphasizing observation, interpretation and application. We plan to study the Book of Acts in the fall. We emphasize a Spirit-led atmosphere and regularly focus on prayer and sharing of testimonies or events that speak to God's work in our lives. Additionally, a book club is taking off for fall, studying “Desiring God” by John Piper. We also have social nights such as movies, board games, winter sports, and other social events. You'll get both a taste of community and a deep walk with God. 

Tuesday | 7pm | weekly | at Connors Hill
Our GROUP composition is currently made up of age 45+, but we are open to anyone who has a keen desire to pursue a deeper relationship with God through Jesus, as our primary focus. Our goal is to be open, honest, and vulnerable with each other in hopes of helping one another grow and develop as believers who live and model the life of Christ. We focus on Bible study, prayer, and community service in a four-week rotation.

Tuesday | 7pm | weekly | Argyll
Our GROUP is composed of young adults from Central. A typical Tuesday night starts off with fellowship. We then go through the GROUPS Resource and discuss the sermon from Sunday. We finish off our time with prayer. Our goal as a GROUP is to have fellowship, support and prayer, and grow in our faith. 

Wednesday | 7:30pm | weekly | St. Albert
We're a GROUP of young-ish married couples. Previously, we worked our way through the Experiencing God book study. Every week we tried to tackle two chapters of the book and discussed the week's reading with everyone. Snacks are always available! We always meet in St.Albert. Come and join us!

Thursday | 7pm | weekly | at Connors Hill
We are a GROUP of married couples and singles over 30 years-old. We chat and hang out for the first half-hour of our meeting. We follow the online GROUPS Resource for our Bible study. Also, we have fellowship or hangout nights and serve nights. We pray together and talk about life, and try to keep a low-key and friendly atmosphere. We share food and life and care for each other and our city.

Thursday | 7:30pm | weekly | various locations
Our GROUP consists mainly of young marrieds and singles, but we are open to anyone. We typically get together at someone's home, have some snacks, and chat for a bit at 7:00pm. We normally pick a book of the Bible to go through together and one person leads us in a study. The leader briefs us on the passage and connects it with the previous passage. Each person then reads and studies the passage, taking notes or answering questions provided by the leader. We then discuss the questions together and see what each learned through inductive study. We finish the evening by breaking off into guys and girls to pray together. We also do bonfires or BBQs just to hang out. 

Contact Logan Henry with questions or to get connected to these GROUPS.