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A Heart for the Seniors in Our Community

There are about 47 residents of the Central Baptist Manor, next door to our church. As well, through Central’s Seniors Society, we have an association with another 30 seniors at Alliance Villa (close to Westmount). For each of these groups of seniors we have an opportunity to befriend them, to become involved in each other’s lives.

These people would be especially thankful if individuals and GROUPS would reach out at important times in the yearly calendar of our church and community (e.g. Easter, Slopefest, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Some ideas could include a cake and coffee gathering, inviting the residents to come our Easter and Christmas services and driving them there and back. Of course there is a lot of opportunity to spend time visiting with the manor’s residents throughout the year.

In addition to those who could drive and others who simply enjoy cake, there is a need for someone to lead (plan for and coordinate) a volunteer group. This individual would act as an advocate for the seniors in the manors, alongside Central’s Seniors Society.

To learn more, please contact Cory at [email protected]

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