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There are a number of great Christian organizations actively investing in the life of our community today. Some are working to address issues of poverty and homelessness. Others offer assistance to refugees and immigrants who are newcomers to Canada. Some come alongside women, children, and youth who are caught in difficult life situations. All are committed to expressing the good news of Jesus in word and action.

We see these organizations as valuable partners in the work of God’s kingdom. We realize that we can’t do everything that God would desire to see accomplished in our city. Furthermore, we know that it isn’t smart for us to duplicate the good work that others are already doing. Instead, by working together, we all can receive benefit as we serve a larger purpose together.

With this in mind, we’ve been developing key partnerships with a handful of outstanding Christian organizations in our community. Rather than trying to link up with every great ministry in Edmonton, we’ve chosen to focus on just a few. Placing limits on the number of partnerships we cultivate is actually pretty tough! However, doing so enables us to get to know them better, to become more deeply invested in supporting their missions, and to do a good job of giving them visibility within our Central family.

Below is a list of key partners we’ve adopted. We have chosen these organizations because we’re excited about what they’re doing. We’ve also chosen them because they have track-records of faithful service. Perhaps most importantly, these organizations have expressed enthusiasm toward involving folks from Central in their ministries and have identified ready-made onramps for us to come aboard as volunteers. Many people from within the Central family are already making important contributions to the life of these organizations as staff members, board members, or volunteers.

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to plug in as an individual or to serve together as a GROUP, we encourage you to check out these valued partners. We know that they’d be excited to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like any assistance in connecting with these organizations, please feel free to contact Pastor Cory Seibel.

The Neighbour Centre

Edmonton Dream Centre

RW Tegler Youth Centre | Hope Mission

The Mustard Seed

Milbourne Community Life Centre

PALM Ministries: PALM Ministries operates a centre in downtown Edmonton dedicated to welcoming newcomers to Canada in Jesus' name. PALM provides practical help for recent immigrants who are striving to make their home in Canada. The ministries conducted by PALM include English language classes, furniture donation, a homework club for youth, a summer soccer camp, and an annual neighbourhood festival. All of these activities provide opportunities to express the love of Jesus through relationship. Several members of the Central Baptist family are involved PALM Ministries as staff and volunteers. Contact Pastor Cory if you’d like to learn more about connecting with this ministry.