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Purity Resources

We recognize that sexual sin is a major issue in our culture and in the church today that produces guilt and shame and hinders the fruitfulness and fullness of the lives of those it ensnares. For that reason we have compiled the following resources on this topic. These are sources that have been recommended by our staff and members of our congregation. We realize it is not an exhaustive list (there are SO MANY resources available), but it is a place to start if you are seeking freedom or wisdom. And we felt that it was important to offer something, even if it’s a less-than-perfect list.

But bigger than any of these resources, we believe the most important starting point to be freed from sexual sin is to bring it into the open with someone. We encourage you to talk with one of our pastors if you need help, and we will do our best to help without judgement, to pray for you, and to connect you with others to help you in your journey.

Online Accountability and Content Protection
Covenant Eyes | Christian site dedicated to internet accountability and content protection.
XXXChurch | Christian site dedicating to helping people stop viewing porn.
NoFap | No frills non-faith kicking-the-porn-habit site.
Net Nanny | One of the top-rated content protection services.
Family Shield | Free DNS level automatic internet content protection.

Accountability Question Lists | Download PDF

Helpful Books
A Way of Escape | Sexual addictions and advice for parents
Bondage Breaker | Deliverance from sin and strongholds
Lord, Heal My Hurts | Forgiving others
Wounded | Forgiving others and finding healing through God
Every Man's Battle / Every Woman's Battle | Practical advice on overcoming lust
Pornland | Secular anti-porn research. NOTE: Very intense and verbally explicit.
Where Do Babies Come From? Girls/Boys | Series for reading with kids of different ages
Spiritual Parenting | Overall approach to raising kids from a spiritual perspective
Parents Guide to Understanding | Series of very practical short books on 5 topics
When Trust is Broken | Short book for parents helping kids deal with sexual abuse. Available in church library or download here.
Healing the wounds of Sexual Addiction | What is sexual addiction, what at the roots, how to get healed
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality | Emotional maturity is a necessary part of spiritual maturity
When Good Men are Tempted | An outline of a Christian purity plan that works