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Thanks for checking out the staff page. If you have any questions, each person's role and contact information is below. We hope you'll join us at an upcoming worship service or event, and we'd love it if you'd introduce yourself if we haven't met you yet. Have a great week!
 2018 - Connors Hill for Web

Zack Barker Worship Ministry [email protected]
Melinda Daigle Central Kids (CH) [email protected]
Walter Dickau Custodial (CH) [email protected]
Kim Doring Office Administration [email protected]
Larry Froese Seniors, Visitation [email protected]
Logan Henry Site Ministry (CH) [email protected]
Rose Lubek Accounts Administration [email protected]
Iain McAuliffe Site Ministry (CH), International Missions [email protected]
Levi Nigh Central Youth, Young Adults [email protected]
Dave Patrsyk Maintenance [email protected]
Jeremy Putz Staff Team Lead, Teaching Lead [email protected]
Jon Putz Site Ministry (SE), Finances, HR [email protected]
Cory Seibel Lifelong Faith Formation, Missional Engagement [email protected]
Jud Stade Site Ministry (SE), Teaching, Young Adults [email protected]